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The Stan Clark Orchestra Beguines Again

(by Roxanne)


Stan Clark

The roots of the story go back many years to a 50th anniversary.

But this chapter of the affair began in the Summertime - as it often does. A summer street dance to be precise. Kevin had this idea that he wanted a swing band to play in their street for the milestone birthday of wife Helen. Naturally, he called up Stan Clark and asked him to bring his books of music and lead the band. After that it was easy. You call musicians and say: "Stan is conducting..." and they come out of the woods.

Stan Clark

A good quorum were already playing for him in the National Capital Concert Band but others arrived from other bands and other towns. Family too. Stan's daughter Cathy and son Rick. Kevin's brother Ian. Many were on top of their professional game like Sandy, others like Roxanne had to borrow a horn to sit down and play. Angela just crossed the street and Malcolm floated up the river. Brian Doyle showed up. And sang. The Girls sang too.

It was FUN. There were fireworks later. Stan said: "imagine if we had rehearsed!"

Stan ClarkWe assembled again every summer for four years until we could not abide the year-long wait. Stan finally decided to make a list and call a rehearsal. The next day there was a request from the University about a gig at the Museum of Civilization. Word was out now so we really did have to practice - every second Monday in the Sanctuary at Dominion Chalmers.

It was the re-start of a beautiful thing. Charity at the Museum, A New Moon at the Boathouse, Uniting by the Riverside, Radiation at The Art Gallery, Marketing on Main Street, Igloo Building at the Cathedral, Hot Footing at the Firehall and Socializing with a Strawberry and a Book at the Mother Church.

Stan ClarkThe Swing was Hot. The Sound was Cool.

The parts fell into place again, the seats shifted and settled and once he liked what he was hearing he pointed to Norm and said "take over for me, the next tune is in four". Stan softly shuffled off to the bar for a drink. Said he to the Bartender "I heard they've got a good band here, what's it called?"





Photos by Louise